Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Are the shoes on your site real?

Yes, shoes are 100{1d3259ebda2d7350f457e2073bb85c8abbec94e7d30980e3bb7cd658cedd7457} authentic and have been checked by a trained eye.

Can anyone sell shoes on your website.?

Yes anyone can sell but you first have to go through an approval process.

Where are my shoes coming from?
All shoes come directly from the warehouse.
How does consignment work?

You tell us the shoe that you are looking to sell. We agree on a sale price. Once the shoe is sold you ship the shoe to be authenticated. Once we receive the shoe you receive payment.

What percentage do you take off of Consignment?
We take 7-10{1d3259ebda2d7350f457e2073bb85c8abbec94e7d30980e3bb7cd658cedd7457} depending on how many shoes you send us and the value of the shoes.

How do I get paid?
We will pay you with either PayPal or a personal check ($5 fee for check)

How do returns work?
All Sales are final.

What is my protection as a seller?
Once StrikeKicks receives you’re item and confirms its authenticity you get paid right away. If the buyer returns the shoe that becomes StrikeKicks problem and not the sellers. You receive payment before the buyer ever gets the shoe.